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Teach a child. See what develops.

Photographs, and the need for them, are a part of daily life in DRC. Job applications require them, the local administration insists on them for filings, and conferences and workshops are invariably documented with a ‘Photo de Famille‘ at their conclusion.  In Goma, people treasure the few photos of marriages, births and graduations they’ve managed to keep in the wake of so much destruction.

The photos don’t take themselves though; someone is behind the camera;  with CAMME’s help, it’s children who may have never had an opportunity to touch a camera otherwise.  Students learn framing, composition, and technique, and go out to the street to document their lives.

There are few cameras though, with more than 15 students taking turns at any one moment to practice.  Working as a photographer is a popular profession in Goma, and with their new skills, children at CAMME have a real chance to find a job.

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