Youth Inspirations Academy


Affordable, high-quality, bilingual education

IMG_5482In 2014, CAMME launched Youth Inspirations Academy (YIA), a fully-bilingual (English-French) pre and primary school. Too many schools in DRC are characterized by rote memorization, recitation, and a lack of even basic materials and facilities. At YIA, young Congolese children learn critical-thinking and problem-solving skills from as early as 3, with equal course time in French and English. Highly qualified bilingual teachers guide children, using an American-style curriculum in music, art, dance, and the foundations of literacy, numeracy, and English as a second language.
This year was merely the beginning for YIAYouth Inspirations Logo– with the new year, the school will add three  new classes, and will continue to do so every year until we’ve become a complete pre-K through 12 elementary, secondary, and high school- new classrooms are already under construction. That means almost 10 years to go, but if this year was any indication, YIA and the students who attend have a bright future ahead of them.
Fully accredited by the Congolese Ministry of Education, the school offers a quality education at a reasonable cost. In addition to paying students, YIA offers a number of full scholarships on an annual basis to vulnerable children participating in other CAMME programs. YIA aims to become one of the highest-quality schools in Goma, training future leaders of Congo, one drawing, one song, and one child at a time…