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Brighter futures, served hot.

For most people in the developed world, true hunger is little more than an abstract concept. For children coming to CAMME, though, hunger can be very, very real. It permeates every moment of every day, making even the smallest actions an enormous effort. Staying awake in classes is impossible, the heat feels merciless, and the only thing you can think about is when, or if, you’ll eat that day.

At CAMME, all children receive a high-energy nutritional porridge before their classes, providing them the strength and energy to participate in their lessons, and to continue with their day. In addition to the porridge, CAMME staff prepare full nutritious meals of beans, rice, and vegetables two times per week.

Porridge for children at CAMME costs literally pennies- 8.5¢ per child, per day; For many children participating in CAMME’s programs, this is the only food they might receive on a daily basis, a lifeline between sustenance and starvation.

Our resources are limited, however, and we want to do more. As CAMME grows, we hope to add full meals as a daily part of activities for all participants. Providing this for every child at CAMME would mean slightly more than doubling our budget- from 8.5¢ to 19.5¢ per child, per day. With your help, we can assure that no child at CAMME goes hungry.


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