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Lessons for a better life.

For a child living on the street, dragged into a war, or struggling to support him or herself through odd jobs and theft, it’s not a surprise that education would take a back seat to the needs of day-to-day survival. Many children who come to CAMME can neither read, write, nor speak anything other than Swahili or an obscure mother tongue. Without these skills, an entire world of opportunity is locked away. CAMME provides the key.

When a child first comes to the center, he or she is evaluated by a member of the social services team. Children who are not able to read or write at a functional level participate in literacy classes in addition to their vocational training, recreational programs, and therapy options.

Students at CAMME learn reading, writing, basic math, and other key skills that are essential if they are to succeed as tailors, carpenters, mechanics and other skilled trades, all of which require literacy. These skills are taught in French, the language of business, government, and the professional class of DRC. With each lesson they learn, the children at CAMME have a greater chance at a better future.


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