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Children at CAMME spend their days learning new trades, developing abilities they may never have known they had, and getting a chance to play. But they also get sick; and in an environment as risky as eastern Congo, it’s the little things. A rock on the soccer field, dirty hands, cold and rainy weather- all these things lead to illness. At CAMME, a trained nurse provides basic first aid to all children who need it, and provides referrals to doctors or hospitals as the case may be. When the resources are available, CAMME supports children in paying for this medical care, although the needs usually outpace the ability to assist.

In eastern Congo, where an epidemic of rape and sexual violence has devastated the population for more than a decade, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are an enormous issue. At CAMME, children can find referral services to local clinics that provide private voluntary testing and counseling for these issues.

Perhaps more importantly than testing and counseling, however, is the education to prevent STIs, unwanted pregnancies, and diseases caused by poor hygiene. At CAMME, all children learn ways to prevent these issues, through lectures, presentations, and steps as simple as reminding children to wash their hands with soap and water before eating.

As CAMME continues to grow, we envision providing more comprehensive medical care to children who may have no other opportunity to receive the treatment they need. While health care is extremely inexpensive in Congo relative to what most of us know in the industrialized world, a five-dollar consultation with a doctor is an enormous expense to a child who struggles to earn enough money to eat on a daily basis. With your help though, we truly can make a difference, and maybe even make things a little better.

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