Shelter from the storm.

In 2012, immediately following the M23 rebel occupation of Goma, The Home Away From Home Orphanage sheltered up to 50 of the most vulnerable children participating in CAMME’s programs. These were primarily young girls, for whom a night on the street in Goma was profoundly dangerous as the conflict raged on, with Goma being infamous for being the place where the term ‘rape as a weapon’ became commonly known.  During this time, and for several years after, CAMME provided them safety, food, community, and a roof over their heads.

Constructed with generous support from Jewish World Watch, the orphanage had the basics, but as the conflict subsided over the next few years, however briefly, CAMME’s leadership felt that the orphanage model was neither sustainable nor the best solution for the well-being of children at the center. In 2015, CAMME shifted to the current Orphan Services model, placing kids in need with foster families, while supporting both the child and the family.