Your move.

If you’re skimming this page, right now, it means that you can speak and read English, you have access to the Internet, and you have the time and interest to learn about CAMME and YIA’s work. Why not translate some of your knowledge, advantages, and availability into action, and help the youth of the DRC? Any time you have in your schedule can make a big difference to CAMME and/or YIA.

At CAMME/YIA, our volunteers have the chance to use their talents and experience to support children in Congo in an experience like no other. We’ll provide you a short, medium, or long-term opportunity, physical or virtual, to make a difference.

CAMME…truly changed my life. I’d wanted to do youth work in Congo for many years because of the huge educational needs in the conflict-affected area. I moved there in 2016 after finishing my service in the Peace Corps, and lived locally with CAMME’s co-founders. At the end of our work days we would talk late into the night; they told me stories of living through war and conflict, and of how they founded CAMME with $200 and the utter determination to raise a new generation committed to peace and change. I’ll never forget those days.”

-R.H. (USA, 2016)

Whether it’s your spring or summer break, sabbatical, or even just a vacation, at CAMME/YIA, you can help make the lives of young Congolese youth better while meeting people and having fun at the same time.

What can I do? Our volunteer programs are meant to provide the greatest possible benefit to the children participating in CAMME programs or enrolled at YIA, as well as to the volunteer. We will work with you to find the perfect match between your interests, and the needs of the organization.

On the Ground: Previous volunteers have taught at YIA, helped support the social services program (providing counseling and medical care), expanded our art and music therapy programs, coached football, taught photography and filmmaking, and developed vocational programs. We’d love to have your help with any of these, or something else. Volunteer programs can be as short as 3-5 days, and can continue for as long as you’d like.

From Home: We understand it isn’t practical for everyone to travel to the DRC, even for a short time. With this in mind, CAMME and YIA always have volunteer opportunities that you can do from home. Previous volunteers have helped us design brochures, develop the code that underpins the website you’re viewing now, host fundraising events, design new programs, and look for new grant opportunities. Interested? We’d love to hear from you.

Customized / Mission Trips: Do you represent a church, synagogue, mosque, or other religious group, and are you interested in planning a mission trip to the DRC? CAMME and YIA can work with you to design a unique opportunity for 5 to 50 people (or more!). Get in touch, and we’ll provide you an unforgettable opportunity to put your faith in action.

“After working in collaboration with non-profit organizations around the world, I have been truly touched by the sincerity, integrity and purity of heart that CAMME RDC embodies …The youth and the staff alike have imprinted their beautifully inspired souls into my heart forever! “

-B.S. (USA, 2014)



A Practical Note: As a local organization devoting every possible resource to the youth we support, CAMME/YIA does not provide stipends or other financial support for international volunteers. Volunteers are expected to have sufficient financial means to support their airfare, visa fees, vaccinations, lodging/food, and local transport for the duration of their stay in Goma. That being said, CAMME will never charge participation or enrollment fees for volunteers, and our team will be happy to assist with making logistical arrangements for incoming volunteers (including coordinating airport pickup, homestay or hotel reservations, and facilitation of other services such as visa extension, vaccination information, etc.)



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