What is CAMME?

Our mission : To help the youth of Congo live a future free of exploitation, maximize their potential, and help themselves.


CAMME was founded with the vision that in the midst of war and disaster, there can be hope.  When given the right tools, even in the most impossible circumstances, children can succeed.  Through our work, we provide this hope.
Our work is based on six pillars, all with a common goal- children at CAMME achieve their true potential, educationally, professionally, and personally.


CAMME Pillars

ADVOCACY  for the rights of vulnerable children in Goma and throughout the DRC;



INNOVATION -Developing new ideas for children to successfully support themselves, integrating technology, and creating new programs adapted to the Congolese context.


EDUCATION-Providing children the training they need to build their future, including employability and entrepreneurship, peaceful coexistence, culture, civic participation, and practical lessons on health and hygiene;


SELF SUFFICIENCY  for children to develop the tools and skills they need to support themselves with food, shelter, and medical care;


PROTECTION   for the children in our care from manipulation, violence, and a return to the streets or the battlefield;


REINTEGRATION   of children abandoned by or separated from their families, arranging visits where possible and appropriate, and serving as mediators where we can.